Hobbico Avistar 40 ARF
Here is my Hobbico Avistar 40 ARF.  
The second one I've owned.  This one
replaces one several years old that just
wore out.  The covering was patched
several times and peeling off at the
cowl.  The tail had been glued back on
three times.
As with the first one the wing
holddown was converted to a pin in
the front of the wing and 1/4 x 20
nylon bolts at the rear.
This one was modified to a taildragger
with Great Planes 40 size alumin
landing gear in front.  I used my
favorite, the C.B./Tatone spring steel
tailwheel in the back.
All the equipment was just moved from
the old Avistar to this new one.  
Airtronicx Vanguard four channel radio
and O.S. 40 SF engine.
Click on any picture to see an enlarged version
Here is my Avistar after my
midifications.  I side mounted the
engine and put on my home made
fiberglass cowl that you can read about
on my special projects page.
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