E-Flite Super Cub 25e
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This is what the plane
looked like six seconds into
the first flight.  It is a good
plane, I'm a terrible flyer.  
Too much power on takeoff
and I lost control.
 I'm a
much better builder than
flyer.  This plane will fly
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This is the E-Flite Super
Cub 25e.  A beautifly plane
with great detail.
E-Flite offers a cockpit
detail kit with side paneling,
a roof and floor, a detailed
instrument panel and foot
pedals and control stick.  
With the side opening door
and window this looks
E-Flite offers two power
systems.  A 25 size
outrunner and a 32 size
outrunner.  I should have
stuck with the 25.