Great Planes ElectriCub
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Here a few pictures of my Great Planes
ElectriCub.  The kit comes with a
Goldfire 550 can motor which I
replaced immediately with a Graupner
Speed 600 motor.  I tried it on six then
seven nicad cells.  I flew marginally.
I then tried a series of Aeolian Motor
brushless outrunners.  The first, a
3530/1700kv motor on an APC 8X4E
prop only gave about five minute flight
times.  I then tried an Aeolian Motor
2822/1400kv motor on the same APC
8X4E prop but that didn't have enough
I last tried an Aeolian Motor
2836/950kv motor on an APC 10X7E
prop and it flies beautifully now with
ten minute flight times.  It also came
designed for just three channel
operation.  Elevator, Rudder and
Throttle.  When building the kit I
halved the dihedral and added ailerons.
 These are still largely ineffectual.  It
still turns mostly by rudder and elevator.
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