Great Planes Piper Cub 60
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Here I am next to my plane, just to give you an
idea of the wingspan.  It's 90" with a fuse length
of 65".
It's powered by a Zenoah G23 engine
swinging an APC prop.
This is a rather blurry picture of the Walbro carb with
a velocity stack.  The stack really did wonders for
this carb.  I had tuned the carb before adding the
velocity stack.  When I added the stack I had to lean
out the carb setting because of the increased
This was my first attempt at using a gasoline engine.  
Also, the first attempt at using Coverite 21st Century
Fabric.  I should have clear coated the covering.  
The exhaust gunk is there for good.
The black part is the stock G23
expansion chamber.  I added a J'Tec
Snuffler Muffler which really quiets the
Pictures were taken at the Peninsula
Aeromodelers flying field in Half Moon Bay,
California.  I've been a member there since
2000.  I've also been a member of the
Peninsula Channel Commanders sing 1991
RC Hobby Guys