This is my Garage/Workshop
Click on a picture for a full size display.
This is one of those rare photos
where the garage is clean and I
can actually get a car into it.  This
happens about once a year when
the homeowners association
cames around to inspect the
common areas and verify that
"yes" you are able to house a car
in your garage.  I got kudos for
creative storage solutions.
Part of my creative solutions were my
PVC storage/carrying racks.  You can
see all about these on another page at;
Looking into the garage you can
see my workbench hanging from
the ceiling.  This is a hollow core
door with a sheet of celotex
attached as a pin board.  The
whole thing is hanging from the
ceiling with ropes and pulleys with
two five gallon jugs of water as a
With the workbench lowered you
can see the counterbalance jugs
just to the right of the refrigerator.  
On the workbench and in front of
the fridge is the bare bones of a
1977 Bud Nosen Champion
Citabria.  105 inch wing span
modified down to 97 inches
bacause that is the max that will fit
into a Toyota pickup bed
diagonally.  At least that's what the
builder told me when I bought the
partially built kit.
Besides what was seen previously
is a Hobbistar 60- hanging in front
of the workbench.
Hanging from the ceiling, from left to right,
is a Great Planes Piper Cub 60,
modified to a two peice wing.  Then
comes a Greap Planes Electricub
followed by a Great Planes Easy Sport
40 with a SuperTigre .51 with pump and
pump carb.  Next comes an almost
completed Dynaflite PT19 that will use a
converted Ryobi 31cc gas engine..  On
the right is Hobbico Avistar .40.
On the side wall is a Baby Dart with an
O.S. .20 and a Daves Aircraft Works
ME109 slope soarer.
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