Starter Stand
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As you can see I don't like standing in
front of a propeller.  Here is my simple
project made up of 1" PVC pipe and a
Hobbico starter.  The power source is
from my the 7mah gel cell battery in my
Great Planes Master Caddy.  The
power panel is a Tower Hobbies.
Constrution is: 1" hardwood board with a 1/4"
aluminum plate bolted to it for stiffness.  To that
is bolted two drawer slides with a cradle in the
middle which holds the starter.  A long bolt acts
as a stopper with a spring for return action.  On
the bottom right of the drawer slides you can see
toggle switch.  That is activated by a wire to the
end of one drawer slide.  The on/off swith on the
starter is tie wrapped closed and the toggle
switch in back activates the starter.  The power
station is slung from the bottom for weight.
RC Hobby Guys