This is my Goldberg Chipmunk.  It
started out here with flaps and the
standard retracts as specified in the
plans although now I can't remember
what make retracts they were.  Power is
an O.S. .91FS with a Perry/Varsane
VP31 pump.
Click on a picture for a full size vie
After the retracts collapsed I
replaced them with fixed Robart
Robostruts.  Loved them with thier
spring loaded recoil struts.  I also
replaced the original abs cowl with
a fiberglass cowl and got rid of the
Slimline Pitts style muffler with the
stock O.S. muffler pointed down into
the bottom of the cowl.
All up weight is 10 pounds with two
700mah battery packs.  One for the
flight systems and a separate battery
for the flaps and retracts.
These were the best of the only
pictures I got of this plane.  Alas, it is
no more.  Hit by a gust of wind on
final approach I lost sight of it for a
moment behind our windsock flag
and dumb thumbed it into the ground.
RC Hobby Guys
Goldberg Chipmunk